Agility and Shooting

Agility and Shooting

AGES: 10-15

This Agility and Shooting practice could be prove to be very useful for developing players pace as well as their shooting ability. The practice is relatively easy with the first player in line passes through the channel to the coach or another player. The player then runs around the cones and the coaches sets him up for the player to strike towards goal.  This practice should stimulate a match situation where a player plays a ball into the Center Forward, makes a run in behind while the Center Forward holds the ball up and lays the attacking player in which hopefully results in a goal


-Use 10-12 cones to create a channel ending near the penalty area.

-At the top of the channel, use 4-5 cones to create a line angled towards the corner flag.

-The coach stands at the end of the channel, nearest the goal, a couple yards inside the penalty area.

-The shooting players start 4-5 yards at the top of the channel with a ball.


-The first player in line (shooter) passes through the channel to the coach (or target player).

-The shooter makes a check-run down the channel towards the coach.

-The coach returns the pass to the advancing attacker inside the channel.

-The shooter once again returns the ball to the coach quickly backpedals towards the end of the tunnel in which he began.

The coach lays a ball off to either side.

The advancing shooter must quickly react to the direction of the pass, sprint around the end of the cones and take a shot on stride.


-To simplify, announce to players by pointing to the side you are laying off the ball.

-Create different shots by bouncing, spinning, or stopping the ball as you lay it off.