Changing Numbers

Changing Numbers

AGES: 10-12

This practice is very useful for developing players. The practice is designed to improve players confidence and promotes the idea of beating players. This is a very important practice to get the younger players used to the idea of keeping the ball on the ground instead of just booting it away.


-Coach has all Football Balls

-Players split into 2 teams

-2 tall cones for goals

-Start playing 1v1s


-Coach Serves a ball in

-Each time a goal is scored, each team are allowed to add in an extra player

-When all players are on the field start removing one from each team after every goal


-Teams can score by dribbling through goals

-Only team which scored can add a player

-Teams add a player each time a ball goes out of play or when a goal is scored but must take a minimum of 2-3 touches