Get the ball out of the Ring

Get the ball out of the Ring

AGES: 8-14

An enjoyable practice where players are asked to knock a “neutral” ball out of the ring or circle. Players, located on the edge of the circle kick their own football towards the neutral ball and the team who completes the task wins.


-30 x 20m area

-Create a large circle within your pod.


-All players on the outside of the circle.

-Every player has a ball.

-Players try to hit the neutral ball (coloured ball if possible) with your ball so it will end up outside the circle. Other players try to do the same from the other side hitting the ball in opposite direction.

-Player that knocks the target ball out of the circle is the winner.

-Now progress to two teams that play against each other.


-Eye on the ball

-Standing foot planted beside ball

-Lock kicking foot

-Strike through middle of ball (kicking foot should follow through to face target).

-Body weight over the ball

-Weight and accuracy of pass