GK Warm Up Catching

GK Warm Up Catching

AGES: 12-18

This drill is useful for goalkeepers before a match or training. The drill is easily set up with just 2 lines of 4 cones parallel to each other to replicate 3 grids. The drill starts with punt kicks at the goalkeeper in the middle grid who then throws the ball back to the kicker and moves to the grid to the keepers left. Continue for 3 rounds.


– Place a line of 4 cones along in a line

-Place another line of 4 cones parallel to the other line

-If possible, have 3 kickers each with a football


-Kicker in the middle kicks the ball mid height towards the keeper.

-The keeper catches and throws back.

-The keeper moves to the grid on his left.

-The process is then repeated 5 times