King of the Castle

King of the Castle

AGES: 5-8

A very enjoyable game for the kids especially if they love shooting like most kids do.  This practice helps developing a future defenders mindset and how he should intercept passes. It can also help Attackers or Midfielders, developing their passing technique. It also will improve passing while dribbling which can be a difficult skill to master at that age.


-Square set out 15 x 15 area small cones

-Big Cones set in the middle of blue square

-1 team acts as defenders and 1 team acts as attackers

-Attackers must stay outside of blue square and defenders stay in the blue square


-Attackers pass ‘cannons’ from stationary position towards the ‘castle'(big cones) trying to knock them down

-Defenders try to block the ‘cannons’ and protect the ‘castle

-Attackers can dribbble the ‘cannons’ and find new positions

-Attackers can pass to another attacker to knock them down