AGES: 6-8

This is a very useful drill for the younger age groups. It is typically used for those learning the necessary skills to play the game of football. Set up is easily completed in minutes as all that is needed is a grid of 20×20 depending on the amount of players. The coach then divides up the players into 2 groups with all players receiving a ball. Half of the players begin dribbling while the other half roll the ball in order to try hit those dribbling.


-Each player has a ball

-Players split into 2 teams

-Every marble hit = 1 point

-Teams change over on signal of coach


-One team of players dribbles with ball(marble) at their feet

-One team of players carries ball(marble) in hands

-Players with balls at feet try to throw ball at players with ball at their feet, trying to hit their ball(marble)

-Team that are dribbling need to try and manouvere the ball to not get hit.

-Players can also pass the ball instead of throwing to hit the others ball